United Parcel Service

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This community is for the employees of UPS to express there true feelings about there job in all aspects. This community also doubles as an advice community for anyone who would like to ship through UPS or any general questions you may have about the oh so wonderful brown.

P.S.- I must apologize now for any fowl language that may....will occur in this community because most of these jobs not only test the limitations of your physical capacity it also shatters all anger management you thought you had such a good grip on.

2 day, 3 day, automatic rollers, bags, belts, boots, boxes, break room, brown, c.o.d., cardboard, cardboard cuts, carts, chutes, consignee, diad 3, dirt, driver helper, driver release, driving, drop frame, early am, feeders, flatbed, full-timers, hazmat, info notice, ipld, irregs, jams, labels, load stand, load straps, load wall, loading, metro, midnight, next day air, ormd, overhead scanners, package cars, packages, pallets, parcels, pd, pickoff, preload, primary, railroad, rollers, saturday air driver, scanners, scanning, secondary, seniority, service cross, signature required, slic, small sort, sonic air, sort aisle, supervisors, sweat, tape, teamsters, tetris, totes, trailers, twilight, unload, ups, wax